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LSCOLO is located in the beautiful coastal city of XIAMEN, which is well known for the manufacturing of bidets and related products.90% of bidets in the world are produced and exported from XIAMEN of China. We have the advantage of raw materials being sourced locally, close to our manufacturing site.

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Bidets are widely used across most countries around the world, but they are not commonly available in homes in spite of the advantages and benefits that a bidet offers over a toilet. Going to the bathroom is a subject that many consider taboo, and few discuss their bathroom habits or consider other options because of the sensitivity of this subject. At first people may find the idea of a bidet funny, anyone who has never used one does not realize just how great this bathroom appliance can be or what it offers.Fans of the bidet claim it leaves their backsides feeling cleaner, fresher, and healthier. Others agree that a bidet can be more comfortable than toilet paper for people who have just had surgery, given birth, or experience irritable bowel syndrome.Everybody poops.But not everybody has a successful wipe.Improving bathroom experience it may be time to forgo toilet paper, like some European, Asian, and South American countries do.


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